According to CCTV News, on May 11, China's first suspended aerial track train, the Optics Valley Air Rail, had its trial run.

The Air Rail, also known as the "suspended light aerial track, "hangs below a single track, moving ground transportation to the air. It is a three-dimensional transportation system with independent road rights, not affected by other ground transportation and pedestrians, and is a new green and low-carbon urban rail transit system.

The design of the Optics Valley Air Rail displays the idea of the "Wings of Technology," with a "technology blue" color scheme, and an overall design that is full of science fiction.

The train can run at a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour and can accommodate more than 220 people. It can also be flexibly combined between 2-6 carriages to meet the transportation needs of different passenger flows.


The first phase of the Optics Valley Air Rail project has a total length of about 10.5 kilometers, with six stations that are integrated with the surrounding natural landscape.

In addition, the Optics Valley Air Rail uses a flywheel energy storage system to recover and store excess energy generated during train braking. This energy can be used to support the system's network voltage and released during scenarios where the train's current demand increases, such as during start-up and acceleration, achieving a 15% reduction in traction energy consumption.

The Optics Valley Air Rail is expected to open for operation later this year and will become the first operational Sky Rail line in China. It is of great significance for creating a mobile "sky viewing platform" and exploring new green and low-carbon urban rail transit systems.

Editor: Billy