Photo/Zhang Yun (NBD)

China has decided to adjust its tariff plan for 2023 and expand the number of tariff items in line with the need for industrial development and technical advancement, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council said Thursday.

Approved by the State Council, the adjustment involves changes in the import and export tariffs of some products and sets up new tariff items such as white tea, jasmine tea, surgical robots, laser radars, and vegetable seeds.

The move aims to optimize the country's tariff system and adapt to the need for industrial development and technical advancement, said a statement of the commission.

Take white tea and jasmine tea, for instance. The two products have seen growing popularity in the overseas market and rising exports in recent years. But currently, only black tea, green tea, oolong tea, and dark tea are listed as tariff items.

Zhang Xuebiao, a researcher with the Agricultural Information Institute under the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said adding distinctive Chinese farm produce such as white tea and jasmine tea to the list is conducive to boosting the development of specialty farming and enhancing the brand awareness of companies.

The country's total number of tariff items will be extended to 8,948 after the adjustment, said the statement. 



Editor: Tan Yuhan