Chinese researchers have presented an artificial intelligence (AI) system to facilitate chemical research and experiments, Wednesday's edition of China Science Daily reported.

The all-round AI-Chemist system is equipped with a scientific mind that is capable of performing all essential steps required for chemical research, according to the researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China.

The AI-Chemist realizes automatic data collection, processing, analysis and visualization. It is designed to be able to automatically search for and read relevant literature from a cloud database and propose experimental plans accordingly.

The AI-Chemist can also control a mobile robot in-house or online to automatically execute the complete experimental process on more than 10 workstations.

The experimental data can be simultaneously analyzed by the computational brain of the AI-Chemist, allowing it to propose a new hypothesis for the next iteration.

The competence of the AI-Chemist was tested by setting it three different chemical tasks, said the recent research article published in the journal National Science Review. 


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Editor: Tan Yuhan