NBD AI Bulletin - Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co Ltd ("the Company", SZ 000069, closing price: 7.28 yuan) announced on the evening of November 24 that president and director Wang Xiaowen hasn't begun offloading her shares in the Company. 

The semi-annual report shows that Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co Ltd mainly engages in comprehensive tourism services, real estate services, accounting for 58.15%, 40.27% of its revenue, respectively.

Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co Ltd's chairman is Duan Xiannian, male, 62 years old, master's degree, senior economist. Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co Ltd's president is Wang Xiaowen, female, 51 years old, undergraduate degree.

Tips on "Stock Trends":

1. The number of shares held by northbound investors in the Company decreased by 4.0001 million in the past 30 days, representing 0.05% of the Company's circulating shares;

2. Three batches of institutions, with 10 institutions involved in total, conducted research on the Company in the past 30 days; 

3. The Company last released a share reduction announcement on August 1, 2020, with shares up 4.04% on the following trading day. The Company issued a total of 8 such announcements in the past 12 months.

(By Lan Suying)

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