China has enforced updated regulations on human organ transplants starting from Monday, replacing the previous version introduced in June 2006, said the National Health Commission.

In line with the progress of medical services and increasing demands, the latest regulations extend guidance for transplantation from liver, kidney, heart and lung to pancreas and small intestine, the commission said.

The health authority has revised provisions concerning requirements for medical facilities, surgeons, technical protocols and training in organ transplantation to better monitor the medical practice.

Instead of generally restricting organ transplantation to medical facilities up to a certain grade, the latest version sets specific requirements for qualified hospitals. Such institutions must now possess an organ transplantation and ethics committee and meet standards on operating rooms, medical equipment and facilities, among other requirements.

The new version scrapped a former provision limiting such operations to surgeons who have performed a certain number of difficult surgeries.

It also adjusted mandatory preoperative tests and put in place measures to hold medical facilities responsible for the outcomes of transplant surgeries.

An organ transplant should be reported via the unified China Organ Transplant Response System within 72 hours after the surgery is finished, the new regulations said. 


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