Chinese authorities have started a two-month campaign to address prominent problems of online education platforms for minors and protect students' lawful rights and interests, said the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on Friday.

Jointly launched by the administration and the Ministry of Education, the campaign aims to rectify problems regarding online games, dating sites, and pornographic, violent and fraudulent information advertised on the learning platforms.

In light of the fact that the majority of students have turned to online courses during the epidemic, such content risks having a negative impact on society, endangering students' physical and mental health.

Under the campaign, all platforms setting up online classes for minors are asked to assume the main responsibility of content management on the pages, strictly examine the courses, and ban pop-up advertisements and information that are unsuitable for minors.

The administration vowed to harshly crack down on illegal platforms and institutions involved in such issues in accordance with the law, and create a healthy learning environment for minors.

In a separate campaign, launched in early July, against harmful online content for minors, a number of online learning platforms and apps were investigated and punished, according to the CAC.

Those platforms and apps featuring content that was harmful to minors, such as vulgar pop-up advertisements and violent animations, were ordered to rectify the situation. 


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Editor: Gao Han