Photo/Chen Binjie (Xinhua)

As one of events of the 2019 China Tourism and Culture Week in Morocco, the China culture and tourism promotion conference was held in Rabat on Monday.

The event was hosted by China Cultural Center in Rabat and attracted more than one hundred guests. During the event, representatives of two Moroccan travel agencies introduced the Chinese tourist routes, famous cities, eating habits and cultural practices to the guests.

A Moroccan girl who had lived in China for two years with her family shared her experiences in China at the event. She said, "Although China and Morocco differ greatly in their living habits, food culture, etc., Chinese people are very hospitable and helpful, so it is not difficult to adapt to life in China."

After listening to the introduction of Chinese tourism and culture, the guests also enjoyed the performances brought by Chinese artists and craftsmen.

Wiam Sengeraoui, a 15-year-old Moroccan girl, told Xinhua that she got to know China by watching documentaries, but today's event gave her more understanding of Chinese culture and tourism. "I'll definitely go to China if I get a chance," she said.

Chen Dongyun, cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Morocco and director of China Cultural Center in Rabat, said that since Morocco announced the visa exemption for Chinese citizens in 2016, more and more Chinese have traveled to Morocco.

"I hope that such promotion activities will enable more Moroccans to travel to China and deepen their understanding of China," Chen said.



Editor: Lan Suying