Vancouver International Dragon Boat Festival took place in Vancouver Sunday with 200 dragon boat teams participating in the two-day event, attracting hundreds of thousands of local and foreign visitors.

The 200 teams are from Canada, Germany, the United States, Australia and the Philippines.

The international festival introduced from China to Vancouver during the 1986 Vancouver World Expo has become an international event in Canada.

One of the characteristics of this year's dragon boat festival is that a large number of young people have joined the dragon boat race.

At the event, the Chinese community in Vancouver performed traditional Chinese lion dance, traditional music, martial arts and Peking Opera. They also held Chinese food-making and tea art shows.

Consul General of the Chinese Consulate-General in Vancouver Tong Xiaoling spoke highly of the festival. She said the performances and shows by the Chinese community in Vancouver present excellent aspects of the Chinese culture, adding that "it is important to reflect the integration of the Chinese community and the local Canadian society, especially to promote the relationship between people."


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