Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has built the first overpass for wildlife migration in the Junggar Basin, according to the local department of transportation.

The 100-meter-long and 50-meter-wide overpass was built in the Kalamaili Nature Reserve in the basin. There was a 50-centimeter-thick layer of sandy soil on the surface of the overpass, along with a total of four drinking spots for wildlife on its sides.

Grass seeds and animal waste were spread out on the overpass to guide wildlife through. Environment-friendly coatings with light color were used on the guardrail of the overpass to avoid irritating the wildlife. 

"The construction of the overpass was based on scientists' long-time observation of the wildlife migration, which aimed to minimize the influence," said Liu Weiwei, an engineer of the construction project.  

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Editor: Lan Suying