A design sketch shows the MA700 airliner. (Photo provided by AVIC XACC to Xinhua)

The delivery of large parts for the China-developed MA700 turboprop regional aircraft has begun, sources said here Thursday.

The middle section of the aircraft's fuselage rolled off the production line on Wednesday and are ready to be checked, according to the AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft (AVIC XACC) in Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

The MA700 turboprop is the third member of China's "Modern Ark" regional airplane family following the MA60 and MA600, which are all developed by the AVIC XACC.

The MA700, an upgraded version with high-speed and high adaptability, is designed with a maximum speed of 637 km per hour and a single-engine ceiling of 5,400 meters.

It is designed for airports with high temperatures, high altitudes and short runway conditions and can operate in complex air route conditions. 

To date, it has received 285 intended orders from 11 customers at home and abroad, said AVIC.

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