Mobike, one of China's bike-sharing giants, has filed an eight million yuan claim for compensation against ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing over alleged patent infringements, according to Chinanews.com.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday at the Suzhou Municipal Intermediate People's Court in Jiangsu province. Mobike claimed that two of Didi Chuxing's subsidiary companies, Beijing Small Orange Technology Company and Hangzhou Qingke Technology Company, have infringed on four of its patents relating to share bikes, including its seat adjustment and smart lock designs.

Mobike claims that it was the first company to invent smart-lock technology, and also the first company to introduce smart locks into bike-sharing services.

Mobike claims that when Beijing Small Orange Technology Company was established in January, it did not request permission to use any of the relevant patents. Beijing Small Orange Technology Company has countered that it respects China's patent protection laws, and will abide by the court's judgement.


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