The third largest Mexican airline Interjet announced on Wednesday it is seeking an alliance with China's Hainan Airlines in the second half of 2018 to attract more tourists from Asia.

Interjet's Executive Director Julio Gamero told the press the two airlines are negotiating details of the alliance, saying the cooperation follows the general trend of globalization in this industry.

"Mexico's economic development will not slow down, and we are going to further connect with the world through business and tourism," Interjet's Director General Jose Luis Garza said, adding that the prospect of Mexico's tourism is positive.

In 2017, Interjet transported 3 million passengers on international flights, a 35 percent increase compared with last year.

Hainan Airlines,a leading airline in China, opened its Beijing-Mexico City route on March 21 under the Mexican and Chinese governments' initiative to improve air connectivity.



Editor: Lan Suying