The German intercity bus service company Flixbus said late Tuesday it had introduced its first long-distance electric bus line in France provided by the Chinese manufacturer Yutong.

Linking Paris and Amiens which are situated about 150 km apart, the electric coaches are able to go around 200 km without having to stop for charging.

After about two hours of driving, the electric coaches will need four hours to fully recharge their batteries.

Why choose the Chinese manufacturer? Because "Chinese coach models represent the latest progress in electric mobility," said Yvan Lefranc-Morin, Managing Director of Flixbus France.

"These coaches, equipped with clean technologies of the Chinese manufacturer Yutong, are comfortable and without noise, assuring zero emission of CO2 and NOx," Philippe Lucas, a bus driver told Xinhua.

French passengers will enjoy the first clean travel on April 12.



Editor: Gao Han