Feb. 5 (NBD) -- The first thing he would like to see in a screenplay is whether it is touching and entertaining, Aamir Khan, who is praised as India's "national treasure", told NBD. 

Khan set up his own film production company in 2001, and his firm has produced ten films to date, including Taare Zameen Par, Mumbai Diaries, and sought-after Dangal. 

His latest film, Secret Superstar, hit Chinese theaters on January 19. Data from Maoyan's ticketing data analysis platform, the film generated 576 million yuan (91.4 million U.S. dollars) in ticket sales in the country within 18 days after its release, lagging far behind Khan's Dangal but outperforming films like Gold Buster (57.6 million U.S. dollars), Bleeding Steel (48.4 million U.S. dollars), and even Star Wars: The Last Jedi (42.5 million U.S. dollars). 

When asked about the big gap in ticket sales between Secret Superstar and Dangal, Khan said to NBD that he doesn't know much about the box office, but he hopes the audience can be touched by and get something from the film after about two hours of watching. 

Because of his demanding attitude towards screenplays, he disappeared from public sight for two years after the release of P.K. With no movie production, he slipped to the 14th position from the 5th in the 2016 Forbes India Celebrity 100. 

Based on the finely crafted 3 Idiots, P.K., and Dangal, Khan has built a high reputation in China, and his films always received a warm welcome. 

However, this isn't the same case for other Indian films. 

According to an industry insider, India produces more than 1,700 films every year, but only about 10 percent are lucrative. Khan's films are the best of Indian films, he said. 

Khan told NBD that he actually didn't know how to choose themes and screenplays in the early days, but as time went on, he knew what he likes and what is suitable for him. Having fun, rather than being lectured, is the basic need of the audience, because if they really want to be lectured, they can go back to universities, Khan underscored. 

He also revealed that he was currently producing a film called Thugs of Hindustani. The story is interesting, so is his role. The film will be released in India at the end of this year, he said.  


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Editor: Lan Suying