Bike-sharing platform Coolqi has moved its deposit refund site from Beijing to Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan Province.

After negotiations, the Beijing-based bike-sharing provider designated Chengdu-based Sichuan Biker Technology, also a bike-sharing player, to be in charge of operational management and maintenance of Coolqi, while excluding its debt, according to a notice the company posted on its official WeChat account on Monday.

Users who want to get back their deposits should take their ID cards or other credentials to a specific location in Gaoxin district, Chengdu, to carry out the process. They can also call a special hotline number, said the notice.

Sichuan Biker Technology said that the company is only responsible for the operation and maintenance of Coolqi's bikes, but for deposit refunds, users have to negotiate with Coolqi, domestic news site reported late Monday.

Previously, Coolqi's users - even those outside Beijing - could only go to an office located in Beijing's Tongzhou district.

The recently bankrupt bike-sharing company Bluegogo's business has also been handed over to Sichuan Biker Technology, according to a statement published by tech news website on November 16.



Editor: Gao Han