Oded Distel

"Water has always been the top priority for Israel's policy maker, and the water problems should always be solved in an economic and sustainable way", Oded Distel, director of the Israel NewTech program in the Foreign Investment and Industrial Cooperation in Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry, gave a concise and powerful answer.

In an interview with NBD, Oded holds the view that there lie in an important economic value for promoting Israel's water technology export, which will also be a key field for cooperation between China and Israel.

"We are looking for direct investment from China, especially from those specialized in sustainable water resources utilization or high-tech companies", Oded said, "we are open minded and welcome various levels of cooperations from China.

Oded told NBD that for Israeli companies, it might be a little difficult to set up factories in China because most of Israel's enterprises are small or medium, therefore they take a greater risk for outbound investment. In general, they tend to find Chinese partners, which help them make proper adjustments and changes to better meet the local market's demand.

With only about 6% of global freshwater resources, China needs to provide water to support its rapidly developing industrial sector as well as 20% of the world’s population. Considering the strong points of Israel's water technology sector, there are business opportunities in all parts of the production process: water extraction, treatment, distribution and use, as well as wastewater treatment.


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Editor: Li Jia