CHENGDU Dec.20 (NBD) -- Taihe Music Group (Taihe) entered into an agreement with Southwest China's metropolis Chengdu and announced to establish its Southwest regional headquarter in this city, at the China Music Industry Development Summit held in Chengdu on Monday. 

"While China's music industry is yet to revive, the sector shows momentum for development," said Yang Haoyu, a division leader for performance management, Taihe Music Group, in response to NBD. 

As a prospective and ideal land for music industry and entrepreneurship, Chengdu wins attention from Taihe who is seeking new markets and base of talents. Yang Haoyu mentioned factors like a sound environment of macro policy and innovation atmosphere that have brought music enterprises together in Chengdu. 

With the future establishment of Taihe's Southwest regional headquarter in Chengdu, three music awards, T-BANG, Chinese Music Media Awards and Baidu Nuomi Music Festival will accordingly be held in this city.

Editor: Zeng Yunheng