CHENGDU, Nov. 28 (NBD) -- International cultural exchange program “PANDA Chengdu”, organized by Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, staged last week in Bangkok, Thailand.

“We launch ‘PANDA Chengdu’ in Klonqtoey Vittaya, Bangkok, hoping to promote cultural exchanges between two nations and motivate more Chinese youth in Thailand to learn about Chinese culture and to be new inheritors and spreaders of it,” introduced an official from Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. 

Chengdu government also sent a selected group of experts to give lectures on Chinese culture and Chengdu unique traditions to students. Lectures included Chinese calligraphy, folk music, traditional handicraft, Chinese martial art, Sichuan cuisine, acupuncture and other Chinese unique.

Mr. Vichit Lolurlert, Chairman of Chinese Teachers (Thailand) Association, complimented this event and believes that “PANDA Chengdu” in Thailand would help bridge the gap in cultural exchanges.

Ms.Sukanit Piyavittayanon, an official from Thai Ministry of Education, recognized educational cooperation opportunities between two nations by saying, “we warmly welcome Chengdu delegation to come again. There are quite a few educational events to be established between Chengdu and Bangkok, for example, teachers trainings, students summer camping, Chinese learning class and more.”

Students in Klonqtoey Vittaya also showed great interest and enthusiasm in Chinese culture. After experienced cupping therapy and acupuncture, a Thai schoolgirl, also a Chinese traditional medical science admirer, said, “Chinese traditional medical therapy is amazing and helps patients relieve their pains. We have gained much knowledge that is unknown to us before from Chinese teachers, which makes me really delighted.”

Editor: Zeng Yunheng